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Handmade, quality writing instruments


Writing instruments & letter openers

All writing instruments and accessories are made of selected woods and acrylic. It is important to me that they match the personality of the writer. This is particularly successful if there is a personal relationship to the materials used. For example, a fountain pen, made from a piece of wood from your own garden, can contribute to a very special individual writing experience. On the following pages you will find examples of my handmade writing instruments. Have fun browsing.

Gift ideas

It is well known that the best gifts are the ones you give yourself. But of course you are also happy if you can give someone something personal or unusual for a special occasion.


Are you interested in a very special gift for your business partners, customers or guests? Then this is the right place for you. I will make for you, also from your own or other very special woods, a writing instrument that has an individual meaning and touches not only the hand but also the heart.

Handmade, quality writing instruments

Thomas Hörold